About Us


PT. INTI PRATAMA MULYASANTIKA is the parent company of all companies incorporated under the Intipratama Group. We provide services throughout Freight Forwarding activities, including INTI PRATAMA MULYASANTIKA (International Freight Forwarding Services & Customs Brokerage)

1. Customs Brokerage: Importation & re-exportation of drill ships, supply vessels, aircraft, oil & gas operational goods, mining equipment, and many other goods for projects.

2. Charter Ships and Aircraft

3. Medical Evacuation and Executive Charter Flight in Kalimantan Area On request basis for all domestic and International flights Aircraft Type: Super KingAir B 200 and Hawker Beechjet 400XP INTI PRATAMA GROUP Representative of AERO SPEED ASIA PTE LTD (ASA)

4. Packing Re-packing, Trucking, Door to door service, ETC


Viny Yavarina : viny.yavarina@intipratama.co.id (+62811-5989-942)

Bagus Afrian : bagus.affrian@intipratama.co.id (+62 811-5989-941)

Wisnu Panji : wisnu.panji@intipratama.co.id (+62 811-5451-911)